I’m back, Betches.

The title says it all, folks. I am actually writing for the first time in who knows how long, on an actual computer, and my kids are not crawling all over me at this exact moment. I’d say it’s a miracle, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Frankly, I have nothing at all to say. Seriously. No deep thoughts. No meaningful commentary. No witty stories. I got nothin’. But I do have time, and that is a bee-utiful thing.

So, how’s about somebody tells me what I’m supposed to be all seriously blogging about these days. Is there a new Mommy blog trend? Should I harken back to my youth and get all indignant about something political? What about ironically liking stuff, is that still a thing? Or are we all super serious about our preferences now?

Until y’all get back to me with your brilliant suggestions, I’ll just have to sit here and play some video games. So remember to throw me some ideas otherwise you’re contributing to my general delinquency, you bad influence, you.


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