Planned Parenthood and the modern culture of murder

Earlier today it was revealed that Planned Parenthood has been selling dismembered aborted babies.

Yeah, go ahead and let that one sink in.

And, on top of that, Facebook was censoring one of the first articles about this horrifying crime for most of the morning.

Let that sink in, too.

Now there are liberals and psychos coming out of the woodwork to make noises about there being nothing to see here, because “muh sojiny!”, like we didn’t see that coming. Unfortunately, those who don’t want to see this fresh horror for what it is will move heaven and earth to avoid seeing it. Justifications will come fast and hard, and those of us who cannot understand how such denial of human life can be justified will be left shocked, stunned, and silent in the face of such depravity. I fear that any cultural momentum that could be gained by those fighting for the pre-born will be lost in the struggle to even get people to believe that this evil has actually happened. Nobody wants to think we live in a culture where a quarter of the Millennial generation is absent because of abortion. More of us have been murdered in the name of “women’s rights” than were lost to the Holocaust, and yet abortion as a grey moral area is STILL a common argument. It’s outrageously insane.

I have to admit it, I don’t get it. The amount of blind trust that people have to put into vague notions and shady third parties to justify holding abortion-neutral or pro-abortion stances baffles me. These same folks are savvy about their finances, their careers, and their romantic lives, but they can’t bring themselves to do more than sing “la-la-la” over what could very possibly be the murder of other people? What?

I want to pull a Tipper Gore and find whatever rock band or black t-shirted bad guy is responsible for corrupting the youths of America, but there isn’t one. I have no pearls to clutch in this situation, largely because I’m smarter than a tube sock. I’m not a stranger to the history of legalized abortion in this country, I know what got us here has more to do with a general weakening of conviction in societal principles than any particular boogeyman, just like I also know that discussing those weakened convictions is a lengthy and tedious process, which renders it’s study both dreary and bland. There is no easy bad guy to blame, because reality involves complexity and complexity is the enemy of catchy slogans and political grandstanding.

Those in favor of murdering the unwanted lack any qualms about spinning, obfuscating, and generally mucking about with what is, actually, in favor of what they want people to think. They want to change the world and therefore see no value in working within the confines of the present.

I wish I knew where, as a people, we got this streak of selfish denial. I wish I could point out the singular domino that “started it all” so we could, somehow, go back to the beginning and “fix” the damage. I wish I could draw those lines and make those proclamations from this little soap box in my little corner of cyberspace, but I can’t. I don’t believe any single source of decay could be found in this, or any other social ill. I don’t believe in singular causes because nothing exists in a vacuum, isolated from the rest of creation, influenced by and influencing no other. As handy as that sort of idea is for the plot of any given story, unfortunately the real world is absent such malicious figures of singular depravity, and I don’t believe in dragons in need of slaying.

If only the world worked so simply.


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