Forever unreliable: Even though I quit Facebook, I may still just slack off.

I recently gave up Facebook, and I am struggling with what to do with the copious amount of free time I suddenly have available to me. With some restructuring, I should be able to turn many of those spare minutes into time to blog properly instead of just bitching semi-coherently in what amounts to little more than an intellectual spasm. I’ve no hubris about my current quality of output, in case you hadn’t already noticed. But hey, gotta start somewhere, eh?

Part of my problem is constantly feeling like warmed over shit. I ache all over and have developed a few other symptoms which suggest to me that I’m battling a low-grade staph infection. Up to a third of people carry the stuff around like a security blanket, and I happen to be one, so sometimes I get to feel worn out and used up like I just ran a marathon when all I’ve actually done is roll over in bed. This makes working on the whole “fat ass” thing extremely difficult. When getting out of bed feels like intense exercise, intense exercise is laughable. So I do nothing, I get sicker and fatter and fatter and sicker. If I don’t get this crap under control I’ll end up one of them ladies in the mumus driving the ‘lectric cart when I go to Wal*Mart, and that doesn’t end well for anybody.

I hope to have some actual content to post soon. It could happen sooner, or later, or never. It depends, really. I’m both grumpy and fickle. You have been warned.


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