Judge blocks release of undercover PlannedParenthood videos, and I’m supposed to trust in due process.

Fuck you, old white guy who loves money. Fuck you right in your pasty, pompous, scavenger ass. You’re hands are covered in the blood of those poor dead babies. You share responsibility to those poor heartbroken Mommas. You, sir, are the fucking Patriarchy. FUCK. YOU.

I get why people want to lie and say that these videos are heavily edited and aren’t real. They want to be able to be pro-choice and still manage to sleep at night. Fucking pricks.

Look y’all. I’ve had three children. I’ve lost two to miscarriage. I know what pregnant feels like, and it feels like LIFE. And when that life dies inside you, you feel that too. Abortion, for any reason, ANY reason, is as stupid a solution as suicide. Hell, pregnancy is the definition of a short term problem, since it lasts nine months and then boom! you’re done! Problem solved! Killing that unwanted baby speaks only to the lack of character of every damned person surrounding that mother and that mother herself. Murder is cowardly. Murder for continence is just incoherent.

I know a few women who have had abortions and they are all torn up about it. Guilt, shame, horror, self loathing. Most drink, smoke, do drugs, and hate themselves. A few I know have come to terms with what they did and found some closure. They are the staunchest opponents to abortion I have ever met. Those ladies took a deficiency in character and through some serious humility gained a surplus.

There is survival after abortion. For the mother. Maybe. It’s possible. But there’s no life for that baby. Because, well, duh, abortion. Nobody thrives afterwards. Nobody gets up and has the greatest life ever. Not even the stupidass abortion doctor. That mother fucker has sacrificed all shreds of humanity for the all mighty dollar and a yacht.

But these folks that don’t get abortions and don’t perform them? I can’t stand them. They won’t take lives themselves, but they will line their pockets with blood money. What cowards. What filth. What. The fuck.

So fuck you Judge William Orrick. I hope the yacht is a comfort when you’re dying. You fuck.


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