12 hours

Pizza pie and dirty diapers
Laundry by the sink
“Momma can I watch tv?”
And screaming bloody murder about something,
A shadow–her brother’s–was touching her feet
The boy is in the fridge getting his own milk
In a champagne glass that hasn’t seen daylight in over a year
I’m proud, but waiting for the broken glass, let’s use a plastic one instead
Then the toddler comes toddling
No diaper, she removed it again
Wanting boobies in my bed because she’s teething
And milk has special powers
now their puppy starts running laps up and down the hall
When did I take her out last and what is that smell?
Where are my shoes?
Is that a chewed up trash bag?
“Mommy, I’m hungry”
But they just ate half a pizza
Hell, I ate half a pizza, too
That’s why I’m getting fatter but it doesn’t explain the grey
They won’t drink lemonade or water and I’m out of milk
Then they’re distracted and I sneak off to wash the baby
And give her boobies
And maybe she’ll nap again
I never thought I’d see the day where I’d pray to be outnumbered only by two to one if only for an hour
Right now I’m getting drowsy and it’s still forty five minutes till backup arrives
At least I put up all the laundry
There’s that
And little hugs and kisses
Bedtime story snuggles
“Did you brush your teeth yet?”
“Please don’t bite your sister!”
“Can Daddy read another chapter?”
Let’s say the Lord’s prayer
And hail Mary full of Grace
Goodnight my little minions
No, you can’t have another glass of water
Goodnight, I love you, goodnight.


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