Life without Facebook: So that’s over: Angst and disappointment in the wired age.

Facebook got me. I thought I had sorted it out and decided that life without Facebook was irritating once in a while but totally doable. Then I had one more thing I really wanted to be part of be exclusive to Facebook and I kind of lost my temper and made a profile in a fit of rage.fbtoobad

I went six weeks without the blue monster, and if it wasn’t for my extremely short temper and my preference to do everything I can on the internet combining into some kind of perfect storm, I wouldn’t have it now. But as I said before, freaking everything is on Facebook now and it’s harder to just gather information about what’s going on in my local area without it, let alone do anything else productive.

I’ve already made some ground rules for myself. I’m not adding anyone; I’m not looking anyone up; I’m not getting any apps on my phone; I’m not even bookmarking the website in my browser. Facebook is a utilitarian tool, like my Godforsaken cable provider, and I despise them both equally.

Whatever. I just need to get important enough to need a personal assistant who can do all my social media b.s. for me so I can focus on drinking long islands and ogling my husband turned cabana boy.challengeaccepted


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