Periods and Semi-colons

reconciliationWhen a relationship gets stuck in a rut looking at the problems from a new and different perspective is a must. There isn’t a shrink or counselor who would say otherwise. When I put divorce on the table as a serious course of action and began planning for it, I unwittingly changed my entire perspective on my marriage. I saw the both of us in new light. Planning out how to best leave my husband and take care of my children showed me strengths I had forgotten I had. Options I had overlooked. Skills I had underutilized. From there, it was a short step to viewing him differently. When I did, it was like a camera snapping into focus.

We broke through the old ways. There is no going back.

We are not done until we are dead.

The words from here on out are not mine to speak. The great revelations going forward are not mine to have. I will do my best to encourage him to write; to speak about the darkness and the light. I will fight for him, with him, against his demons. So long as he fights against his worst impulses, I will fight alongside him.

The difference between a divorce and a reconciliation is the difference between a period and a semi-colon; I am overly fond of semi-colons.



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