Done pretending this is worth my time.

In my opinion the defining characteristic of intelligence is the proper application of information. Knowing things is very useful, but that knowledge applied improperly is usually the root cause of shit going all sideways. Improperly applied knowledge is the root cause of everything from Communism to really psycho Christian Fundamentalism a la the Duggars, and everyone and thing in between. It’s a personal problem and a social one.

Ignorance by itself isn’t dangerous or inherently stupid. It’s just an absence of information. Someone can be ignorant of the fact that 2+2=4 and not need a drool cup to get through their day, But, give a guy a job at NASA where he does shit with that math with all the letters and symbols in it all day, put a serious problem before him and watch that motherfucker apply 2+2=4 to that problem and we’ll all see some bona fide stupidity in action. And possibly explosions.

This is why I cannot stand the modern educational system being as it is geared towards the acquiring of information and the repetition of that information as proof of learning. Bitch, you didn’t learn shit. You memorized something. You aren’t qualified to tell me a god damn thing about a hole in the ground till you can apply that knowledge in a contextually appropriate setting to the maximum probability of a positive outcome.

And guess what? Nobody can do that anymore.

We’ve got teachers cramming kids heads full of useless bullshit so they can test well and those teachers can keep their jobs, then those kids are going to colleges that have to reteach the same shit because nobody is actually learning anything, and the fucking professors are just as fucking dumb as the students since they’re cramming in as much information as possible into these kids without the slightest bit of care of anything other than how well these people vomit back the information on the test later, and we call it higher education because the mother fuckers want that shit APA formatted now.

If you are a college professional and you think that APA formatting is indicative at all of a student learning jack diddly about anything, you are part of the mother fucking problem.

I am currently enrolled in my sixth attempt at college and I swear to god, the respect these professors have for actual thinking intelligence is less than nothing, these mother fuckers are downright HOSTILE to original thought. It is worse than when I started. I cannot for the life of me fathom how a person can manage to be so deluded as to think that they’re actually an educator in this current environment. I feel utterly surrounded by imbeciles. I want to gnaw my own leg off like a god damn coyote and never ever have delusions of university being worth a shit ever the fuck again. Jesus I am done.

But, I will see this semester through for the tax breaks and the hope that one day these college credits can apply to ANYTHING useful somewhere else. And then I’m prolly gonna bounce for really reals cause I cannot take all this bullshit anymore.